मथुरा कलौनी की नाट्यपुस्तक का बीजिग में लोकार्पण। अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय हिंदी सम्मेलन में गुरू घासीदास सम्मान

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Mathura Kalauny
Author and Playwright      
Director and Producer - Stage Plays   
Designer and director Kalayan Workshops  
Managing Director Kalayan India  
Ex:- Research Manager - ITC Limited                                           Full Profile
Kalayan Theatre    
Kalayan group was formed in 1988. People from varied working fields came together under the leadership of Mathura Kalauny with a single purpose in mind, to stage plays. It has been one play a year since then.
Current Plays
Dhature Ke Beej • Kaun Ho Tum Brihannala • Tu Nahi Aur Sahi
• Dasha Usne Kaha Tha    
Kab Hogi Bhet Swayamvar 2010 • Kharaashein
Kalayan Workshops  
Theatre is a crucible of creativity and emotions. It is where it dawns upon us that changing ourselves is the only real option we have.
In our 27 years of experience with theatre we have dealt
with the whole gamut of human emotions, to name a few, ego, low self esteem, incompatibility, leaderrship, shyness, pettiness, fear of being, discovered etc.
To address these issues, umbrella of ‘Kalayan Theater Individual Potential’. have designed a series of workshops under the  Workshop (KTW).
KTW - Team Building and conflict resolution
KMW - Addressing inhibitions, Building confidence and Developing personality
KAW - Acting workshop for beginners