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Theatre is a crucible of creativity and emotions. It is where it dawns upon us that changing ourselves is the only real option we have.
In our 27 years of experience with theatre we have dealt with the whole gamut of human emotions. Ego, low self esteem, incompatibility, poor leadership quality, shyness, pettiness and fear of being discovered are some of the issues. To address these issues, we have designed a series of workshops under the umbrella of ‘Kalayan Theater Workshop’ (KTW), with tag line 'Unlock Individual Potential’.
Workshops currently on are
The workshops-


Team Building and conflict resolution. It is a two day workshop designed for corporates, entry and middle level management.
Addressing inhibitions, Building confidence and Developing personality. This is Kalayan's popular one day workshop designed for any and everyone who is eighteen years of age and beyond.
Acting workshop for beginners